I want to explore better options for my current loans…

Reviewing your current loans in a lending market as varied and volatile as it has been in the past few years can either save you thousands in interest charges or free up valuable assets so you can build your wealth.

Reasons to consider refinancing include:

Better rates elsewhere

With so many competitors in the market a review of your current lending could save you literally thousands of dollars per year;

Lower security required

Got your house up as security for your business loan? Well you are not alone – banks try to take as much security as possible including your family home. Freeing this up can allow you to increase your personal wealth through investing in income producing assets;

Service Levels

Cannot get hold of your banker or perhaps you don’t have one anymore? A common complaint from business customers (and their accountants) is that service levels have in general dropped. Moving to a lender that can cater for your overall business needs can help you grow your business in the future;

More appropriate finance for your business

Having the right structure is important to help your business pay its commitments as and when they fall due and grow at the same time. Sometimes your bank may not even offer the types of finance you may need so it’s best to talk to somebody who has access to the whole range of facilities!

With an expert in your corner you can get the best finance package on the market for your situation.